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The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 4 - r/Formula1 Editorial Team

The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 4: Recent Times (2012-Present)

by TheStateOfIt
In case you missed it:
To anyone that has read the third part, you might have noticed quite the time skip. The last driver I covered, Mirko Bortolotti, debuted for Red Bull in 2009, and yet this part covers those debuting in 2012 on. What happened?
It seemed Marko had got much better at hand-picking successful drivers, not to mention more restrictive. His only two drivers coming into 2010 were Carlos Sainz Jr. and Daniil Kvyat, who have both scored podiums in F1 by now. He had become more selective with his talent, and it seemed Red Bull’s programme had become more focused for success.
That is, until 2012, when Marko went mad and decided to bring in a whole heap of drivers. Some turned out alright like Alex Albon (eventually), but most went off the deep end. Quite a few drivers still have hope, which I stated in Part One is a good enough reason not to be considered a loser of Red Bull’s Junior Team (yet). However, these guys, sadly, I don’t hold that much hope for. Sorry.

Recent Years (2012-Present)

Stefan Wackerbauer (GER) - 2012 -- Formula Renault 2.0
Stefan Wackerbauer was the dominant species in the 2011 Formula BMW Talent cup, sweeping almost every single race ahead of his competition, which included a young Maxi Guenther. This one championship was enough to convince Red Bull to sign him on and enter the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup.
Though he was miles ahead of future F1 talents like Esteban Ocon and Alexander Albon (who had the worst season I’d ever seen in Formula Renault), he was also miles behind fellow Red Bull junior driver Daniil Kvyat, who was having the battle of his life with Stoffel Vandoorne for the title. Marko did his usual duty of executing their relationship with drivers who didn’t automatically win championships, and Wackerbauer struggled to find a regular drive until 2015, teaming up with Kelvin van de Linde in the ADAC GT Masters. This would also be his last drive in motorsports, and now he currently works in logistics for Zollner24, a home textiles supplier.
God I love LinkedIn. So intrusive. I mean valuable for research.
Lewis Williamson (GBR) - 2012 - Formula Renault 3.5
For most of these drivers, I cannot precisely estimate how long they were under Red Bull’s employ in their Junior Team, but I definitely know how long Williamson lasted.
Five races.
He showed promise at the age of 20, winning Autosport’s prestigious Young Driver of the Year award in 2010 after a solid showing in Formula Renault UK. This earned him a drive for Christian Horner’s Arden team in 2011 in GP3. While not exactly under the Red Bull Junior Programme, it was a litmus test for Williamson. His single race win was enough to earn him Red Bull’s trust, landing him a seat in Formula Renault 3.5 under Red Bull’s Junior Team.
Five races. Williamson did not make the best impression in his first four events, but in his fifth race, the second round at Spa, he had qualified fourth and found his way into the lead in the wet by the pit stop window. However, the race was stopped due to a massive incident, and Williamson was left stranded without a pitstop. The team opted to let him continue without making a pitstop, which meant Williamson actually finished first on the road.
However, the World Series by Renault issued a one minute penalty to Williamson for not pitting, dropping him all the way out of the points. Then Williamson was kicked out of Red Bull for Antonio Felix da Costa. That has to hurt. After another campaign in GP3, Williamson took a hiatus from motorsport before returning in 2016 in Blancpain GT Series, where his team Strakka Racing took the title in the Pro-Am class in 2018.
Callan O’Keeffe (RSA) - 2012-2013 - Formula BMW / ADAC Formel Masters
O’Keefe may only be 23 years old right now, indicating there’s still some possibility of him getting a decent drive in the future, but right now things are not looking too bright with the Red Bull Junior. Back in his karting days, he shared the podium with Max Verstappen and Alex Albon in the KF3 World Cup, and a 2nd place in the same competition a year later earned him an invite to Red Bull’s Junior Team and a spot in single-seater racing.
He then got robbed in the unusual 2012 Formula BMW Talent Cup, which despite consisting of five events, only the final event counted for actual points. This system is so broken, if it were implemented in F1, Innes Ireland would be a proven world champion. This meant, despite winning four out of the first five races, NONE of those counted, and O’Keefe finished ninth overall. Following his first season at Red Bull, Helmut Marko gave him some solid, if very celibate, advice:
“Stay away from the girls and the discotheques, and we will do for you what we did for Vettel.”
O’Keeffe may have followed that to a tee or not, I do not know. But his next season in ADAC Formula Masters had no funky points system to blame, struggling big-time in the series for “reasons out of [his] control”. And when he defines “reasons out of his control”, he means reasons out of his control. Reasons such as his team’s truck catching fire. Yeah, he had a no good time there, and that no good time saw him leave Red Bull.
He was promptly snapped up by Lotus’s own Junior Team and entered into Formula Renault, but after a race win in the Northern European Championship and finishing 4th among rookies in the Eurocup behind Anthoine Hubert, he was let go as Lotus F1 morphed back into its original Renault form.
Success for the South African has been sparse ever since, with his most recent venture being the briefest of spells in Formula Renault for Fernando Alonso’s racing team (yes, Alonso owns a team). However, O’Keeffe has been expanding his motorsport image off the track. He started a podcast and racing school called the School of Send. Not only that, he also writes a column for a magazine titled “Motorsport Monday”, which was also where I found quite a bit of this information for this article. Thanks, Callan.
He also has insane knowledge of F1 history, so if this post takes off and makes me famous, I may just be competing with him for future jobs in the niche profession of motorsport history writing. I doubt my CV can hold up to his that says “Former Red Bull Junior”, but watch out, Callan. Imma take your job.
Tom Blomqvist (GBR) - 2013 - Formula 3
Some say the “v” in his name only appears if you are going to hell. Others say he is Helmut Marko’s missing eye. All we know is, he is not the Stig, but he is Stig’s Son!
Okay, to clarify, not the son of THE Stig. Ben Collins would have been a very virile 16 year old if so, and Perry McCarthy’s surname is not Blomqvist. Rather, he is the son of Stig Blomqvist, 1984 World Rally Champion.
Instead of rallying like his dad, though, Tom picked up single-seaters. Winning the Formula Renault UK title in 2010 in his second year boosted his credentials, enough to get picked up by a young driver programme run by an F1 team: McLaren’s young driver programme, that is.
After finishing 7th in his first season in Formula Three Europe, he was poached from McLaren’s hands by Red Bull, in which he scored another 7th in the standings in 2013. Can’t blame him for consistency. However, he was only the 2nd fastest qvist in the championship behind Felix, and that apparently was not enough for Tom to retain his spot in Red Bull’s Junior Team.
Despite finishing 2nd in the championship the year after, no support meant no drive in other competitions further up the racing ladder. A move to BMW in 2015 found him success in DTM, becoming the second youngest race winner in his rookie year and finishing 6th in standings the next. However, after a disappointing 2017 campaign and a forgettable venture into Formula E, his most recent success as of late was winning the 24 Hours of Spa in 2018. I guess he did better than both Stigs in motorsport, but still cannot hold a candle to the real, daddy Stig.
Beitske Visser (NED) - 2013 - ADAC Formel Masters
The first and, as of time of writing, the only female driver ever in Red Bull’s Junior Team, Visser was picked up after a decent 2012 in ADAC Formel Masters, where she won a race in Zandvoort with a broken freakin’ back. She replicated her form in 2013, still winning a race and beating fellow Red Bull Junior Callum O’Keeffe (see above), but was dumped immediately following that season from Red Bull’s programme.
Visser’s name was thrown up in the news a fair bit after Marko’s comments on female drivers in F1, and I could go on and on about sexism in motorsport, especially regarding perceptions of female drivers from those in the motorsport business, but I will reserve those comments for now.
Regardless, she made the extreme jump to Formula Renault 3.5, where she struggled for the first two years, but did well in her final season, when it became Formula Not-Renault. Her transition to GT4 found her quite a bit of success with BMW, and her most recent accolade was taking the championship race with the highly acclaimed Jamie Chadwick right down to the wire in the inaugural W Series season.
Dean Stoneman (GBR) - 2015 - Formula Renault 3.5 / GP2
Dean Stoneman is, by no means, a loser.
He won the 2010 Palmer Formula Two Championship and was all set to pair up with Daniel Ricciardo in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2011. However, just before the season, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and was just days away from being considered ‘untreatable’. He spent 2011 off, and anyone else would not excuse him from staying away from motorsports for years to come. Indeed, he took the sensible route to recovery, and in recovering from chemotherapy, he stayed away from racing cars in 2012.
Instead, he raced powerboats. And WON THE UK CHAMPIONSHIP. In his debut season. While RECOVERING FROM CANCER.
His career stock only went on the up, winning his first race upon his return to motorsports in Porsches. His next season, he almost took the GP3 championship despite racing for Marussia Manor, who withdrew from the final rounds of the season alongside their F1 commitments. And only then, at age 25, did he get snapped up by Red Bull’s Junior Team to race in Formula Renault 3.5.
After a decent season in Formula Renault, he moved over to Indy Lights, where he won the Freedom Indy 100, the Indy Lights equivalent of the 500, by 0.0022 seconds.
His racing career has gone mysteriously dry since, with modern involvement restricted to races in Blancpain GT and being unceremoniously dropped from the ill-fated Ginetta LMP1 programme in 2018-19. Given his situation nine years ago, though, I would make a wild bet and say Stoneman is still content right now. I would take a powerboat championship and a win at Indy over dying from cancer.
That is all the ‘losers’ of the Red Bull Junior Team. Thirty-seven in total. Excluding those that have some hope of getting future success in motorsport, either still plying their trade in junior categories or currently in the Red Bull programme, thirty-seven losers out of 64 total accounts for more than half of Marko’s men (and solitary woman). And we obviously do not know how some of their careers will pan out.
And yet, there is no single definition for these ‘losers’. We have those that cannot be found in any form of media. There are those that have found a ‘regular’ profession. Those that have become CEOs and boardroom members. Those that paved their own path for future motorsport talent. There are those still racing cars for a living, but not that well in whatever motorsport category they are in. And there are those currently racing and winning, but in too low of a category to be noticeable.’s article on Red Bull’s talents only covered those that really made it in motorsport. All the rest got was an ‘X’ marking which year they were with the team. Their career, however, is much, much more than that. They are more than marks on a calendar. They are more than yardsticks to compare their more successful batchmates with.
They are more than just losers of Marko’s system. They are stories.
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Sneerclub Critical Analysis

This post was written to resolve a specific argument with my friends that was happening on discord. If you're not one of them — what are you doing here?
The goal here is to go through the 10 threads on the front of sneerclub right now, and gauge to what extent they convey valid, meaningful criticism. This will mostly take the form of me liveblogging my descent into this madness, with some kind of conclusion at the end (hopefully).
Before we begin, let's be specific. Valid criticism entails:
Valid criticism is not:
Et cetera. Obviously, this is still somewhat subjective, but I will strive to be conscious and forthright about where the validity of a criticism is tenuous. It is worth emphasizing that valid criticism is not necessarily good criticism, is not necessarily insightful criticism, and not even necessarily right, so long as a good faith effort is made to point out flaws. Obviously particularly sloppy, trite, or ignorant criticisms should not count as much as actual quality posts, and this is something I will try to keep in mind. But I will be quoting every post I comment on. If this really comes down to the best output of /SneerClub being dismissable as a simply bad posts, well, that will speak for itself then, won't it?
But before we dive it, it's worth bearing in mind the result we expect. The people I write this to boldly claim that less than 1% of Sneerclub posts are valid criticism. I assert that it's definitely higher than that.
Thread: "a sneer from the handbook of biological statistics"
This post is a screenshot from a textbook, presumably posted to dunk on bayesians.
It essentially makes three points: - it's not clear how you can come up with priori distributions - most biologists dont use bayes, except in phylogenics where it makes sense - even if you were to switch to bayesianism, other biologists would not understand you
Altogether, I'm inclined to call this a weak but valid post. Points off for calling Bayes adherents "cult-like", and the whole "dont do bayesianism because no one else is" argument feels kind of slimy. Also, the screenshot seems to cut off before the author starts praises an aspect of bayesianism.
However, this post arguably might not be worth counting: technically, it's not from sneerclub per se, but an actual academic they are merely pointing at.
On to the comment section:
I find the rationalist Bayes fetish to be really, really annoying. Bayesian statistics is great, just don't utterly misuse it, ignore all of its underlying assumptions, and pretend that the entirety of frequentist statistics is wrong.
Weak post. It has a nugget of a point, but doesn't provide much reasoning. I'm not going to call this valid, but it's not entirely worthless.
Five replies to this comment, all worthless.
I bet the book was a few years old, because these days lots of real, practicing scientists (NOT bloviating rationalist frauds) are using Bayesian methods. I have used and loved the ‘brms’ R package, which makes fitting a Bayesian model (with Stan on the back end) as easy as fitting an LME4 model:

Bayesian stats are used in radiometric dating, which is pretty important for paleontology.
These two posts are valid, but arguably don't count as they're essentially counter-sneers. A promising result, and suggestive of the community not being completely shit, but when the highest praise so far is someone going "hey you're wrong", then to an extent that's damning with faint praise .
Yeah. That being said, with rationalists basically they don't understand that there's a case of having very well justified priors (coming from somewhere else), and there's a case of pulling a number out of your ass such that any outcome can be produced depending on what number came out of the ass.
They also don't understand how "frequentist" probabilities allow to objectively establish a bound on a risk. E.g. if I want to do some process after which there's <0.1% chance of giving people an useless or harmful drug due to chance effects alone, I'd conduct the study such that if the drug is useless is harmful, the probability of me finding it to be useful would be <0.1% . That can be done objectively without relying on anyone to pull any number out of their ass.
Pulling numbers out of the ass is of little interest to science other than maybe to an anthropologist studying rationalist communities. Meanwhile rationalist's idea of priors is invariably a number pulled out of their ass, not I dunno some reasonably chosen probability distribution, like Poisson distribution for clicks of a particle counter.
I don't think it's at all wrong to call this valid and perhaps even middling insightful, although i can't speak to how correct they are. (And I'm inclined to defend 'pulling numbers out of your ass', if one does it carefully, clearly and intelligently, with a good understanding of epistemics. But perhaps it's just that a lot of rationalists are sloppy about it?)
It's for this reason that I see text like that in the OP and think it sounds an awful lot like when Ken Ham tried to convince the world that paleontology is a pseudoscience.

It's not all fake just because some people find stats to be difficult to understand.
More notable counter sneers. I don't think there's enough here to call it valid however.
In toto, out of a comment section of 10 posts, a conservative count yields 1 valid post, and a generous count is 3.
I'm going to skip the thread "Congrats to u/stairway-to-kevin for making it into a Scott Aa. blog post". I think there is assuredly sneering in the comments (boy they hate scott aa), but it doesn't seem likely to be pointed.
(Also, I don't have to time to sift thru 70 comments, honestly.)
The thread "LIVE FOOTAGE: Cade Metz (NYT) and cancel mob STORM SSC" is a meme. It's referencing something I'm probably not cool enough to get. but there's also ten comments so let's see what we're in for.
Top comment seems to suggest a major news outlet is doing "a hit piece" on SSC.
You'd think this would make them question their priors around any other news story they read that might rely on a few choice commentators.
But yeah, that's not going to happen. (Gell-Mann Amnesia for the folks who love naming biases)
This seems to be making a point, however i will not count it as valid as it's not clear what in particular it's criticizing. (What rationalists trust these sorts of news articles? It surely happens, perhaps even with regularity, but if I was skeptical I would not even begin to pay heed.)
Of course, we are the ANTIFA equivalent for the rationalists.
I have enough context to read this post as making the point that rationalists have an exaggerated perception of SneerClub. But I'm not disingenuous enough to call this valid criticism.
(I've skipped three mostly worthless posts by now.)
Silly question, but given the content that these fine folks put out, wouldn’t a hit piece be redundant?

I think that's the joke... they know perfectly well that even most positive coverage imaginable would constitute a hit piece.
Similar to the above, you could twist this into an interpretation where it's criticizing rationalist pr. I don't think this is valid criticism.
Nothing of value in this comment section, but I think we expected that.
Thread: "TUTORIAL: How to mine the culture war thread for racist comments"
This is a screencap of /themotte, and I think the joke is they just opened the thread and the first comment is "I dont think blacks will ever be as successful as whites..."?
First comment and its reply are pretty lukewarm gotchas, honestly more about right wingers than rationalists. (to be fair, that is what /themotte is).
Skipping four posts. One i think was rather good, but not a valid criticism.
Love how the first reply is literally saying Ireland started doing much better on IQ scor3s [sic] after economic development but still can’t realize that this makes all IQ related claims essentially bogus. Like ... so close to getting it

I am going to stab my eyes if I see those people talking once again about Kolmogorov’s complicity and SJW being the most powerful people in the world, unquestionably projecting their influence

I was sort of browsing through the discussion in my usual vague way and then I hit on the back end of a comment which characterises Stalinist architecture as “High Modernism” which - albeit a common enough trope - is still just the most bizarre idea to come out of popular discourse on 20th century architecture
These are valid and specific criticisms, but I will not count them as I do not consider themotters to be rationalists.
Little of value in this thread, but again there was every indication this would be the case.
Thread: "*chad gamer voice* Yes."
This is another screenshot, of a twitter post by James Lindsay who posted a screenshot of an antiracism piece and went "this is what antiracists really believe".
As far as i can tell, Lindsay seems to be a random physicist whose claim to fame is participating in the grievance studies affair, aka sokal squared, to own the libs.
I'm not sure if this bloke has anything to do with rationalists.
...Oh wait, I looked at the image again, and this was retweeted by Aella, who is rat-adj I think (only know about her because she's another whom sneerclub loves to dunk on).
Four comments are largely worthless and eyeroll worthy. Even if they weren't, this is another thread with little to do with rationalism.
Thread: "Kind of offended I didn’t get an email about this"
another thread about the upcoming hit piece, this time linking to a more relevant /ssc post about it
I think the most notable thing for mainstream press to investigate would be relation to Damore (and to note the discussion of how his manifesto was cribbed from Scott). I'm mildly surprised that didn't go mainstream back then.
Not valid. I quote this as it (to me) is an interesting observation.
Kind of funny how they were like, "They sent it to people who organized meetups rather than prominent community members!" I'm not a reporter but if I weren't embedded that would be the first thing I'd try? Especially since real names are often attached and I would presume that somebody setting up a meetup is, in some sense, prominent?
They are also 100% not going to devote the time and effort to, like, actually find out the real shitty stuff in the SSC community.
I think this is rather cut and dried valid criticism.
At the same time, it's also rather low stakes so it's understandable if it doesn't count for much.
(There's a reply which largely serves to echo this post without adding much worth commenting on)
I know this sounds a bit elitist but I don't want SSC and this subreddit to get more popular than it needs to be.
Tbh, I've felt the same thing about /badphilosophy for years, but we're also elite as fuck, but but there're also things to be said about knowing the subject matter, the norms of discourse, the community, etc.
I don't care about /ssc, like, a sliver less than at all, but I feel the concerns of their regulars, at least in kind rather than content.
Not criticism. Notable for its empathy, i suppose.
There's one post which is just quoting scott giving advice to people the reporters will interview. He at one point goes:
Remember that reporters sometimes take things out of context and so you should try to speak defensively and say simple things that clearly reflect what you mean.
One comment replies:
say simple things that clearly reflect what you mean.
Is this really the time to experiment with an entirely new form of communication?
I quote it here because it made me laugh.
Next I skip over twenty posts which aren't all bad, but aren't very critique dense. Worth summarizing that sneerclub isn't gleeful about this article, and many think it wont be good for anyone involved.
(and then there's a guy who emotes rubbing his hands like a cartoon villain and saying "this is gonna be Good", so y'know, bringing in all types)
Skipping the rest of the posts in this thread. Cant remember if there was anything good here. I'll tally it up when I'm done with the futile venture.
Thread: "Hsu mega-sneer series"
this is a NSFW post, which in sneerclub parlance ostensibly means it's sober criticism and not emptyheaded dunking. it links to a blog about the history of the alt right, this post in particular being part of a series on some rando named Stephen Hsu. Near as I can tell he's some university boomer who ignited some controversy or other? I don't care and I'm not sure it's relevant to rationalism
Thread: "LOL: A message from George Mason University leadership"
robin hanson said something dumb on twitter (normal day), and the university he works at does damage control.
Cant really localize criticism to a single post, but I think the general thrust of "hey, dont say blantantly racist shit on twitter, that shit is bad" is pretty uncontroversial, if not particularly insightful, and I will count it all as a single criticism.
Thread: "Robin Hanson has a very reasonable, racially sensitive question"
Fifty comments about another dumb hanson tweet. skipping.
Thread: "Eliezer Yudkowsky is statistically almost certain to be smarter than anyone who will ever read this comment"
Lol fucking product managers as the pinnacle of brilliance.
Pipeline: get lucky to be on a product where people actually making it know what they're doing, then get promoted for their success. Get hired at another company as a cargo cult mov
It is also such a weird hyperspecific part of capitalism to focus on.
Also, I heard about people who managed researchers in the past, who have a similar (but less end goal focussed) job related to product management. And here was his trick to getting the most out of the researchers 'ensure they interact with each other regularly'. That was it. Same applies here, all these qualities he lists exist in different ways in different people, you just need to makes sure there is regular interaction so they can talk about each others concerns. Those seem to be the additional requirements which are needed for product management compared to regular management.
(There's a third response in the chain too long to bear quoting)
I'll count as this as one valid criticism.
the rest of this thread is mostly just dunking on Yud, which I don't begrudge because he's fun to dunk on.
Thread: "Scoots can't help himself"
Ah, another thread about Stephen Hsu. I guess he did have something or other to do with rats after all.
Reading scooter's post, it inclines to be sympathetic to hsu (as it's supposed to, i imagine), but I know nothing of what he's done. Let's see what lies in the comments.
Please, you can't expect people to google stefan molyneaux before doing a podcast interview with him
Oh, i'd say this is actually a fair point.
It's amazing the extent to which the outside people commenting have no clue what's going on
Not going to count as this as valid, but i think there's a point here.
(skip two posts)
Scott is one of those guys who thinks he isn't a racist because racism is a red tribe phenomenon, and he is clearly grey tribe.
I want to count this as a valid criticism, but I feel like that would be controversial..
He thinks to be a racist, you have to specifically hate people for their skin color. Not because you think they're mostly negative stereotype associated with race which is clearly different.
Don't think this adds much to the above, honestly, so I wont count it.
Here is a fairly comprehensive timeline including links to major exchanges
See also PZ Meyer's coverage (there are two subsequence posts by PZ as well)
i want to count this, but i wont.
Last thread coming up. Finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It'll be over soon.
kill me
Thread: "Looks like we won't be seeing another HBD moratorium anytime soon...."
Screencap of what looks to be the depths (+130 deep) of a bibliography. Scott A (both of them) are cited. It's not clear what the context is or what this has to do with HBD or why it's bad.
Comments time. This is it boys, we'll see if the SC can do anything to redeem itself. Let's dive in
Molyneux was, "not a controversial figure in 2017,
Well that sure as fuck is false. Also "controversial figure."
This post has a point IMO, but not enough substance for me to deem it valid.
Comment chain continues:
I can't even remember when Molyneux wasn't "controversial" but it sure as hell wasn't 2017
Yeah, he made a video called "Stopping America's Suicide By Race" in 2014
Also posts I consider pointful.
(It's still not clear what this whole thing is actually about.)
Skipping six posts. One of them is sober, but not a direct criticism.
In case you missed it, Hsu is a physics professor, not genetics. His professorship and research therein isn't threatened, only his admin role as VP of research.
So, Claire is misrepresenting things again?
Yep!* I mean, I guess he might lose a fair amount of income after being demoted to mere tenured professor, so I guess that's his "livelihood'.
Also, Lehmann's post doesn't even mention the hundreds of MSU faculty who signed their own letter, but she knows her crowd really dislikes uppity grad students.
*Edit: listing in the department
Seems to be fair point. I'll call it valid.
Why didn't he sign this with his legal name?
Wait, this is the petition thing Scott mentioned, isn't it? Huh, ok.
(Next top level comment confirms this. One reply skipped.)
lol of course it's Quillette
Quillette is a site of notably ill repute, pointing this out is worthwhile if i hesitate to elevate it to the level of genuine critique.
10 more posts skipped. The end is near :pleading_face:
While the biggest 'lets end racism' protests in a long long while are going around, this is a post they are adding their support to. While they both are still silent about the BLM protests. Typical.
E: what is important is to team up with Quilette (who for some reason has so also include a bit of transphobia in their call to action for Hsu)
It's quite something that with everything going on in the past month it's this that finally got Scott riled up enough to post a petition about. Not black people being murdered by police, but a university wanting to disassociate itself from people who amplify fucking Ron Unz.
I'm really starting to think Scott is crypto-fash
Can I call this valid critique?
Yeah, this is what is important to him, not trans rights (for which now important things are happening in the UK iirc), not black lives matter etc.
The BLM thing is esp important as this just points to the failure of his 'coordinate meanness' idea (which is what cops are) which you would think would be important to at least say something about.
But nope crickets.
E: not sure if he is crypto-fash or not, but I think he is just way to in love with the idea of talking things out 'rationally' and very very conflict avoidant (esp in analyzing his own ideas and motivations oddly enough).
E2: When SSC finally writes about the current protests it will be wild however, he will blame all the violence on the protestors, just like he did with the gay rights movement before. But that is something to look forward to in 2040.
This is a reply to the above exchange, but I quote I separately as it seems a separate point. Particularly the bit where it references a specific idea of scotts.
Not sure if it's differentiated enough to add another point. Probably not.
I used to think he was open-minded. That's why I read his blog. But his tell was the way he reacted to progressive politics. He didn't seem to understand the motives or reasoning of anyone wanted social progress or change, and that showed in the way he tried to interpret those positions -- i.e. badly, unfairly and with barely concealed contempt. There was no steel-manning to be found.
The whole rational, above-it-all-ness of the SSC brand is a massive lie.
Also I don't want anything to do with a person who, with open arms, excitedly welcomes full-on Nazis to be a part of the community and discussion.
I'll count it
Skipping the last five posts in this thread.
Over all, there were nuggets to be found.
Whew, that endeavor is done. 10 threads, 161 comments, and what do we have?
  • 1 thread dunking on bayesianism that not even sneerclub itself fully support
  • 1 thread which seems to be a social post.
  • 1 injoke meme post
  • 1 joke dunking on the fucking motte
  • 1 meme post about some anti-sjw retweet by some random rat-adj.
  • a thread talking about some new happening in the community
  • a link to a article about some cancellee that scott likes
  • 2 threads about hanson being stupid
  • a thread dunking on big yud
  • a another thread about that cancellee
(Also apparently I cant count, that's 11)
Of those 161, you can chalk up about 6 to be meaningful criticism, 14 if you wanted to be really generous. And if you really wanted to reach, be charitable to the point of bankrupcy, I don't think you'd count above 20, and definitely not 30.
6/161 is just below 4%. If you think even half what I posted is valid criticism, then you are wrong to assert that less than 1% is valid. However, I was wrong to be confident that the total would be much higher than 1%. Furthermore, I internally expected the quality of criticism there was to be higher. I also don't think I had an accurate gut feeling of how little single digit percents are. You have to trudge through so much cruft to get to those cogent posts, and it was mentally taxing. Granted, that was because I tasked myself with passing judgment analysis upon them, but still.
I think that the result might have been better if I chose instead to focus on the top posts of say, last month, or last year. But what's done is done. Someone else can do that analysis, but I ask them to reconsider.
My conclusions, drawn from all of this, are:
  • SneerClub is a den of shitposts and memes. When meaningful points are made, they are made because it amuses them to do so.
  • You should not go to SneerClub looking for time- or space-efficient criticism. You should not send other people to SneerClub, as if they will find anything engaging there.
  • Where there are criticisms, they are not often specific, and they are not often insightful, and they are not often actionable. SneerClub didn't arise as a vehicle for improving the rationalist community, and you cannot use it as one any more than you can sail the ocean in a flower basket.
(As a sort of post-script, it is worth pointing out that this not quite so damning in context. SneerClub is a reddit community flush with daily posts. Even in the made up rhetorical world where SneerClub could have been some kind of bastion of piercing criticism, the rationalist community simply isn't in such a state of disrepair that a entire community could be maintained on just high quality analysis of it. The beliefs of the people who suggest SneerClub as a font of criticism (my past self included) don't even hold up internal consistency.)
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[COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (29-20-3-2) vs. Rochester Americans (30-17-4-4)


This time last year, the Vancouver Canucks made a blockbuster trade, 1-for-1, Erik Gudbranson for Tanner Pearson.
This trade-deadline, the Canucks dealt Zane McIntyre for Louis Domingue, while calling up Jake Kielly from the Kalamazoo Wings.
McIntyre had a great start to the season as a backup, winning 6 of his first ten starts.
Unfortunately, the Comets' aggressive offensive-game and lack of detail-oriented defensive play coincided with McIntyre's plateauing gameplay.
Zano-Insano's save percentage this season, and goals-against-average both feature bleak trendlines for where the rest of his season was heading
Honestly, full-credit to Jim Benning for getting Domingue for McIntyre straight-up, especially considering the goaltending fiasco last season when Demko was injured. In that ordeal, they spent a pick and blew a contract slot on Marek Mazanec and Michael Leighton. Here they acquired a player with objectively, better stats, playing on worse teams than McIntyre.
Domingue might not see AHL action for quite some time, so for now, Jake Kielly will slide into the backup role down the stretch while the Comets push to retain their Calder playoff spot.
I can't speak to how the Kalamazoo Wings play hockey, but Kielly's numbers are quite unimpressive. The Wings themselves are dead-last in the western conference with 48 points in 54 games played. Kielly holds the third-highest goals-against-average in the ECHL and the eleventh lowest save-percentage. So I think it's safe to say that the Comets will be leaning heavily on Di Pietro heading into a very tough March schedule for the Comets.
The Comets, fortunately, are coming off an impressive 6-3 win against the Belleville Senators. Tonight, they take on the surging Rochester Americans; an opponent the Comets just took on last Wednesday, where the lazy effort of the Comets resulted in a 3-2 loss.
The Amerks and Comets at one point in the season were neck-and-neck, competing for the second and first spot in the division. The Comets weak 2020 performances have seen the Belleville Senators vault into the uncontested first-place position, with the Amerks leapfrogging the Comets into second-place with a five-point lead.
According to the Utica-OD's Ben Birnell, the Comets had nearly a full roster of formerly IR-players present at Monday's practice, except for Vinny Arseneau. A plethora of healthy bodies and the momentum of an impressive win over Belleville could be all that it takes to push this Comets team to make a significant run.
The giant asterisk, however, is that this is the same team that currently holds a 48.4% Corsi-For at 5-on-5 while being outshot in 33 of their 54 games.
Di Pietro is still young and learning, and depending on how the Comets play over this upcoming stretch, that workload could become overwhelming. The team has to play like they did against Belleville, a game in which they did get outshot, but, a game where they collectively did much better at limiting the number of high-danger shot-attempts and scoring chances faced by their goalie.
Fingers crossed the team can ride that wave of momentum and make it two in a row tonight here in Rochester!
Baertschi (#47) Camper (#19) Boucher (#24)
Lind (#13) Stevens (#16) Bailey (#95)
Goldobin (#77) Jasek (#9) Bancks (#34)
LeBlanc (#3) Malone (#17) Stevenson (#26)
Brisebois (#55) Rafferty (#25)
Juolevi (#48) Sautner (#6)
Blujus (#8) Chatfield (#5)
Michael Di Pietro
INJURY REPORT -- -- -- -- --
David Pope (undisclosed) Vincent Arseneau (season done) Jonah Gadjovich (ill) Francis Perron (head) Wacey Hamilton (foot) Tyler Graovac (foot)
Healthy Scratches -- --
Josh Teves Matt Petgrave Mitch Eliot
Quite a few bodies technically listed as healthy-scratches, but team says (according to Ben Birnell of the Utica Observer-Dispatch) they want to get the guys returning from lengthy layoffs some ample practice time before getting into games.

1st period

Comets in White

The score at the end of the 1st period: 1-1 Tie

Rochester was picking the Comets apart with their puck control and speed through the majority of that period. Despite their early lead and early aggression on the puck, the relentless pressure of the Amerks offence seemed to cause them to wilt a bit under pressure. The powerplay try off the Chatfield minor-penalty gave the Amerks serious momentum through the back-half of the period. The Comets can't ever be in a place where they are getting out-shot 14-to-2.

2nd Period


The score at the end of the 2nd period: 2-1 Comets

Comets are barely hanging onto a lead here after 40 minutes of play. The Comets did better at generating scoring chances and legitimate shots on goal, but they're also allowing a disgusting amount of high-danger shot attempts from high-percentage scoring areas.
Look at the shot-map and how many shots Di Pietro has had to turn away from inside the slot.
Lind left the ice under his own strength but had a bloodied up mouth, not sure if he returns to the game. Hopefully, he does, though, as the Comets could use someone with his tenacity on the puck in the final frame.

3rd period


The score at the end of the 3rd period: 2-2 Tie

Frustrating way to close this one out, but the Comets will get another five minutes to win this one against a tough opponent.



The score at the end of Overtime: 2-2 Tie

Couldn't get it done with the extra five, so it'll come down to everybody's favourite skills competition!



Final Score: 3-2 Utica Comets Shootout Win



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st UTI Brogan Rafferty Nikolay Goldobin Reid Boucher PPG
1st ROC Casey Mittelstadt C.J. Smith Andrew Hammond 5v5
2nd UTI Sven Baertschi Dylan Blujus -- 5v5
3rd ROC Scott Wilson C.J. Smith Andrew Oglevie 6v5


Team Player Result
ROC Taylor Leier save
UTI Brogan Rafferty miss
ROC Andrew Oglevie miss
UTI Justin Bailey miss
ROC Casey Mittelstadt miss
UTI Reid Boucher Miss
ROC Sean Malone save
UTI Kole Lind save
ROC Lawrence Pilut save
UTI Sven Baertschi GOAL



Comets Three Stars

The Comets Trajectory?
The Comets turnaround is much better this week, as they return this weekend to the Adirondack Bank Center for a homestand double-header that starts with the Toronto Marlies on Friday, followed by Jesperi Kotkaniemi and the Laval Rocket on Saturday.
Also, leap year this year, so Saturday is February 29th! How neat is that?!
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
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[COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (33-21-3-2) vs. Charlotte Checkers (32-22-4-0)


Good afternoon Canucks Nation, it's time for another catch-up with the Farm!
Full disclosure, I am incredibly hungover. Last night I met up with a cousin of mine, whom I had not seen in over four years!
Like the genius I am, I didn't eat anything prior to meeting up, and then I went on to have seven or eight High Life IPA's thanks to my good friends at the Brewhall in Vancouver!
So yeah, expect run-on sentences, grammatical inconsistencies, and spelling errors? you bet!
Last night the Utica Comets eked out a 2-1 regulation victory over the Checkers, even after doing their usual second-period collapse where they got outshot 12-to-5.
Fortunately, stalwart rookie netminder, Michael Di Pietro, put up an impressive 33-save performance, posting a 0.971 save percentage and a 1.00 goals-against average.
Tonight, it looks like Cull will be giving Mikey a bit of a break, as Jake Kielly looks to get his first AHL start of the season.
One of the more notable things to note from the Comets win last night was Justin Bailey getting crushed along the end-boards by Cavan Fitzgerald. Last night's Game highlights, including the hit on Bailey, and Lind stepping up to "fight" Fitzgerald..
Although this is far from the same team that won the Calder Cup last season, the Checkers are a much tougher team than their record would indicate. Comets coming away with four points off this double-header weekend will do wonders for their playoff push.
The Comets record in the second game of back-to-backs remains at seven wins, nine losses, and one shootout loss.
Slightly under a 0.500 points-earned-percentage
Baertschi (#47) Camper (#19) Boucher (#24)
Bailey (#95) Hamilton (#36) Lind (#13)
LeBlanc (#3) Stevens (#16) Perron (#27)
Stevenson (#26) Graovac (#44) Jasek (#9)
Sautner (#6) Rafferty (#25)
Petgrave (#22) Chatfield (#5)
Teves (#4) Eliot (#52)
Jake Kielly
INJURY REPORT -- -- -- -- --
Dylan Blujus David Pope (concussion) Vinny Arseneau (done for the season) Jonah Gadjovich (ill) Carter Bancks (lower body) Olli Juolevi (hip soreness)
Healthy Scratches -- --
Guillaume Brisebois (technically) Nikolay Goldobin (vet) Seamus Malone
Goldobin gets the veteran-scratch for a third consecutive game. Have to feel for the guy, but hard to ignore how ineffectual he has been at 5-on-5.
With Blujus out with injury, Sautner slides back in with Rafferty as the team's top pair. He took a dirty hit in the first period from last night's action and is feeling the effects today. That opens the door, again, for Josh Teves and Mitch Eliot to come into the lineup to try and impress the bench boss for more ice-time.

1st period

[Comets in White]

The score at the end of the 1st period: 1-0 Checkers

Not sure I like Graovac on the first powerplay unit, the guy simply doesn't have the legs to chase down pucks along the wall.
Overall, it was a bit of a hot-and-cold period of play from the Comets. To start, the team was giving up some high-danger scoring opportunities, but by periods-end, they managed to reel the Checkers back.
Both teams are doing well at holding each other to the outside perimeter for shots.
Have to feel for Kielly, a bit, on that opening-goal as there was literally nothing he could do to stop that one. Penalty-killers have to do better at clearing space around Kielly's net, so he has clear sight-lines on the puck.
The dreaded enemy of the Comets, the second-period, could mean a comeback opportunity, or a full collapse. Fingers crossed its the former. Points are critical these days as two teams behind them in the standings, the Binghamton Devils and Laval Rocket, are both on decent win streaks to put them in contention for playoff spots. The Comets already got two points off this conference-foe, but another point or two could be all the difference between getting in or falling out.

2nd Period


The score at the end of the 2nd period: 2-1 Checkers

So tilting, realizing I didn't have sound captured through the first twenty minutes of play.
Despite how dull the period was, the Comets did well to generate shots on goal, as they held the Checkers to just five total. One of those being a goal, but, HEY! Can't save 'em all!
Concerning that, Baertschi went down the tunnel with the athletic trainer seemingly unprovoked. Fingers crossed that this isn't concussion-related.
Kole Lind and Justin Bailey have had really impressive games so far, but have been unable to capitalize on any of the multiple scoring chances they've created.

3rd period


The score at the end of the 3rd period: 2-2 Tie

Fantastic battle from the Comets to even things up at two apiece
I originally had a point in my second-period musings that said the Comets shouldn't bank on getting another powerplay to try and even things up. But sure enough, that's exactly what it took, and Reid Boucher, once again, proves the COmets hero.
Loved the compete level from Kole Lind that entire third period. It genuinely felt like he was on the ice for 90% of the time — an impressive game from him to turn this game on its head for Utica.



Final Score: 3-2 Utica Comets



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st CHA Ryan Bourque Joey Keane Gustav Forsling PPG
2nd CHA Mark Cooper Clark Bishop Jacob Pritchard 5v5
2nd UTI Reid Boucher Brogan Rafferty Carter Camper PPG
3rd UTI Reid Boucher Tyler Graovac Carter Camper PPG
OT UTI Kole Lind Brogan Rafferty -- 3v3



Comets Three Stars

HM: Carter Camper
The Comets Trajectory?
The Comets win tonight moves them into second place, as they edge the Rochester Americans on regulation-wins. The Comets will look to maintain that place in the standings when they return home this upcoming Wednesday, as they take on division-rival, the Syracuse Crunch.
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
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[COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (31-21-3-2) vs. Rochester Americans (31-18-4-5)


The Utica Comets are inside the final 20 games of the season, and holy guacamole, do they have a month in store for them!
Two 3-in-4's to start the month, then a Tuesday game that immediately follows a double-header weekend. Afterwards, it's a triple header, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, mid-month, concluding with two more 3-in-4's at the close of March and start of April.
Did I mention that only nine of those thirteen games are against divisional opponents? Meaning, the Comets can't afford to slip up anywhere this month. A losing streak at any point this month could mean a freefall out of a Calder Playoff spot.
Hot off the heels of a disappointing drubbing by the Laval Rocket, the Comets will start this month against the North Divisions, second-place, Rochester Americans, an all too familiar foe of the farms.
The Comets' last game against the Amerks was an interesting one. Despite getting thoroughly out-attempted at 5-on-5, the Comets managed to earn two big points via the shootout.
There is an asterisk on the game, in that, the Comets arguably should have won in regulation. The referees missed a blatant trip against Sven Baertschi as he drove with the puck towards the empty-net. The non-call denied the Comets an automatic empty-netter goal-for, and on the ensuing 6v5, the Amerks managed to score in the final 28 seconds to force extra-time.
By no means did the Comets play a clean game against the Amerks. Getting out-attempted more than two-to-one across all-strength-situations means the team was basically in survival mode all game.
Out-attempted two-to-one is the common thread between all of the Comets/Amerks matchups this season.
Out of their seven-game head-to-head this season, the Comets have out-attempted the Amerks at 5-on-5, wait for it,
No surprise, the only thing that has been separating wins from losses in this seven-game series, is goaltending.
The Comets are already seeing what can happen if they ride their goalie too hard. Mikey Di Pietro was making his ninth straight start for the Comets against Laval, pairing that with a blatantly lethargic Comets team in front of him, was a breeding ground for disaster.
Perhaps the past few days off has allowed the Comets to refill the stamina bars. Well, at least we hope they have because with two teams nipping at their heels for the third and fourth-place playoff spot, they can't afford any more performances like they had against Laval. Its Crunch time. But not literally Crunch time, because it's actually Amerk time know what, you get the idea! Let's get into tonight's matchup!
Baertschi (#47) Camper (#19) Boucher (#24)
Lind (#13) Hamilton (#36) Bailey (#95)
LeBlanc (#3 Stevens (#16) Perron (#27)
Malone (#17) Graovac (#44) Stevenson (#26)
Petgrave (#22) Rafferty (#25)
Sautner (#6) Blujus (#8)
Teves (#4) Eliot (#52)
Michael Di Pietro
INJURY REPORT -- -- -- -- --
Vinny Arseneau (done for the season) David Pope (concussion) Lukas Jasek (lower-body) Carter Bancks (lower-body) Olli Juolevi (hip soreness) Jonah Gadjovich (illness)
Healthy Scratches
Nikolay Goldobin (veteran)
So Stefan LeBlanc gets to slide back into the lineup, and impressively, moves into the top-9 alongside Stevens and Goldobin. Like the makeup of the line, a strong forechecking presence from LeBlanc could be a great compliment.
Goldobin gets the veteran scratch, which, I'm sure, is delightful for him.
Pretty surprised that Eliot and Teves can barely crack a healthy Comets roster, but when the Comets are down two d-men, they get paired together. It makes me question if its a matter of trust with Trent Cull, or if its a matter of skill. Both Teves and Eliot have looked perfectly adequate in the AHL this season. Obviously, when they are healthy, the Comets' third pair is a tough spot in the lineup to crack. It makes me wonder why Eliot and Teves weren't sent down to Kalamazoo to play out the entire season to get ample ice-time.
Have to feel for Olli Juolevi, man, injuries have just completely fucked up this kids' career path. Hip soreness for the second/third time this season is a bad look.

1st period

Comets in their Away whites

The score at the end of the 1st period: 1-0 Comets

That was a really fast-paced period of hockey, with zero penalties issued and only a few couple timeouts.
Comets still struggle mightily against the speed and size of the Amerks squad. The Comets do try to match the physicality brought by the Amerks, but, as you could see in a couple of those streamables, Amerks play a heavy game that even the veterans and toughest Comets players can't match.
Comets still electing to play that heavy four-deep in the o-zone style that gives opponents a jarring number of odd-man rushes-against.

2nd Period


The score at the end of the 2nd period: 1-1 Tie

Yikes, that was a rough period of hockey displayed by the Comets. After 40-minutes of action, the Comets find themselves getting outshot 30 to 17. Rochester is a volume team, who uses their speed and size to open up space for shots on goal. Utica is an opportunistic team, who uses their speed and vision to capitalize on errors for scoring chances. Unfortunately, Utica's approach to generating offense requires them to actually be in the offensive zone. Rewatch that streamable of the Comets standing still as the Amerks generate shots towards the net. The Comets fade the second they don't regain the puck in their zone.

3rd period


Final Score: 3-1 Utica Comets



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st UTI Stefan LeBlanc John Stevens -- 5v5
2nd ROC Taylor Leier Jean-Sebastien Dea Jacob Bryson PPG
3rd UTI Sven Baertschi Carter Camper Ashton Sautner 5v5
3rd UTI Tyler Graovac Justin Bailey Brogan Rafferty EN



Comets Three Stars

The Comets Trajectory?
Comets return this weekend for a double-header road trip against David Ayers' Charlotte Checkers, I won't be on recap duty for the Friday game, however, as I'll be meeting up with family whom I haven't seen in over four years! So expect another Comets Harvest, for Saturday's game only!
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
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My picks in some interesting primaries, which you can read if you have nothing better to do.

Even if you are, as I once was, simply a casual observer of all things CBR, you could not have failed to notice the beginning of campaigning for civs for the next CBR (which I am quite obstinately calling the CBRY [cause Y, not S2, comes after X in the alphabet])
If you have the misfortune to remember how this went last time around, you might recall that I made a few suggestions for civ’s myself, and I have decided to continue this practice this time around.
Now, when the regional votes start, I’ll concern myself with positions and Voroni diagrams once more, but the first round of voting this time is for primaries, choosing a leader for a civilization represented by two or more mods.
turns out, there are a lot of primaries, quite a few of which I'm fairly sure no one cares about. So for the sake of my sanity, I am only covering those primaries that look to be interesting, some you might have expected, some you might not.
And so, with the preliminaries complete, let the opinions begin
ICELAND Ingolfur Arnarson (JFD) v. Kristjan Eldjarn (DuskJocky)
Ingolf is a familiar face to CBR fans, and varity is the spice of life, so I’m recommending ELDJARN by DUSKJOCKEY
SCOTLAND James VI (lastsword) v. James VI (JFD)
I’m going with LASTSWORD here, partly cause it’s less used, partly cause I know the JFD one is not the best, and partly caue I’m not voting for this civ in the general, so I don’t really care
IRELAND Brian Boru (JFD) v Daniel O’Conner (DMS) v Malachy II (Hiram) v. Michael Collins (Urdnot_Scott)
Conceptually, I like the idea of a more modern Ireland, plus the two old Ireland mods are less the great, so 'm favoring DANIEL O'CONNELL.
ENGLAND/UK Lot’s of choices, I’m not writing them all out
There are a few tiers of candidates here. First off, Charles II is awful, AVOID. Elezibeth II is only slightly better, also recommend AVOID. Then there are some moderate civs, George V, Cromwell, ect. I wouldn’t pick them, but not the worst. Of the remaining, Henry VIII, May, Atlee and George III are the best. May and Henry VIII are good all around mods, and Attlee is a really good civ, and gets honorable mention as a Homusubi mod. It would probably get my endorsement if it was anyone but Attlee, but I think my brain would short circuit if I endorsed Attlee. In the end, my personal favorite is GEORGE III, why? because in real life he went mad and lost the American colonies, and I want to see if he can do better here, plus he's got great AI values.
DENMARK-NORWAY Struenee (DMS) v. Christian IV (JFD)
I’ve used both mods before, and I’ve found CHRISTAIN IV to be great fun. It is a strong naval civ, an important trait in the Baltic, and it useally preforms well.
Spain Franco (Uighur_Caesar) v. Isabella (Firaxis) v. Isabel (LastSword) v. Philip II (JFD) v. Carlos III (TircisioCM) v. Philip II (lastsword)
Another civ I made an AI values chart for. What did the chart say? FRANCO by UIGHUR_CAESAR takes it in a landslide. However, if you can’t stomach voting for a fascist, Philip II wasn’t completely useless.
Portugual Quite a lot of civs
If I could pick none, I would, since none of these mods suggest any better than mediocrity. However, this is a good opportunity to promote a Lastsword civ, so I’m favoring his ALFONSE DE ALBUQUERQUE.
REGION 5 France Turns out there are a lot of French in france, who knew? and I'm too lazy to list them all.
Some decent choices here, and some not so decent ones. I’d AVOID Clemenceau, De Gaulle and Louis XVI. Napoleaon III looks good, but I’m going to be different and suggest ROBESPIERE, a mod I’ve not had the chance to use before, but which looks interesting, has strong uniques and was made by a good mod team.
Switzerland Dufour (JFD) v. Dufour (Lastsword) v. Wilhelm Tell (Agrissive Wimp)
High in the Alps, we have a three way race. Although I do like Whihelm Tell’s Overature, I can’t find much info on the mod, so I’m discounting it for now. Of the other two, LASTSWORD is by far the better mod. Lastsword Swiss might actually have a decent chance if they aren’t crowed in.
VIA ROMA, Lot’s of civs start in Rome, and I assume the Popes, emperors and Presidents aren’t all in the same primary. Just looking at the ancient Romans, the best bet is probably, JULIUS CAESAR by GPUZZLE, a civ which has done well in past AI games (AI Mediterranean for example). For me, second is Aurelian by TarcisioCM, partly cause he was a great emperor, and partly cause it’s a strong mod.
Bulgaria an absurd amount
I would not have guessed 6 Bulgarian mods existed, but they do. Of this group, my personal favorate is SAMUEL by DJSHENNINGER, which did very well in my AI balken game. Tied at second are both of the Simeon mods, Lastsword and DJSHenninger, which I have seen preform well.
Serbia Stefan Dusan (JFD) v. Stefan Dusan (DSJHenninger) v. Peter I (More Civs) v. Peter I (DJSHenninger)
All these mods are good, but Peter I has a distinct edge, with Peter I by MORE CIVS being my pick, with both DSJHenninger’s version and his Stefan Dusan close behind.
Poland Way too many Polands
Thanks to a last sword Poland split, we have more Poland’s in this vote then there are centuries Poland has been an independent state. For a more detailed view then I will provide, check out the AI Game of Polands on CivAIGames. Using this game as a major factor in my decision, I am favoring SIGISMUND III by LASTSWORD. This is partly because Sigismund is blue, and all the other Polands are redm, and partly because they did very well in the aforementioned AI game.
Russia Alexander I (JFD) v. Catherine (DuskJockey) v. Catherine (Firaxis) v. Catherine (JFD) v. Nicholas II (JFD) v. Peter I (JFD)
PUTIN by JFD is the best Russia hands down. It is borderline unfair. However, it is in a different region (REGION 11) from most of the other Russia’s. I highly encourage you to support it in that region. But if you really like Russia, so much you want two, you could elect a second Russia in this region as well. And in that case, I’d pick Nicholas II. I know, he hasn’t done great in AI games before, but he rocked my test run, going all the way to the end with Putin, and he is better than Catherine, who neglects to build units, and Peter, the awful at AI games
REGION 13 Byzantium too many
Quite a lot of choices here as well, but fortunately DSJHenninger made all he best ones. JOHN II or BASIL II are both great choices, I’d probably lean Basil II cause his unique are a tad better. Just don’t split the votes between them.
Ottomans more then 5
Now this one I expected to be crowded. I’m picking MAHMUD II by LASTSWORD, Mehmed II is also not bad, but his unique is a cannon, and those are notoriously finicky.
Egypt I'm not writing them all out if there are more than 5
I really want a strong Egypt, unfortunately, most of the Egypt mods either spam archers or are super culture focused. The exception is THUTMOSE III by LASTSWORD, who in real life was a militaristic guy who expanded Egypt, and who’s mod does the same.
Nok Sarki (UltraWorlds) v. Sarkin Makera (Gedemo)
I always like to represent Gedemo civs when the opportunity arises, and this a great one. His Nok mod is far better in my experience then the competition. While the Sarki mod has nicer graphics, AI wise, you’ve got to go with Gedemo here.
Ethiopia Amda Seyon I (DMS) v. Halie Selassie (Firaxis) v. Halie Selassie (DMS) v. Menelik II (DMS) v. Zara Yaqob (DMS)
AKA DMS spam land, since he built all of the mods here (except, of course, the original Firaxis one). My pick is DMS’s AMDA SEYON I, a military focused mod with a nice UA and which is slightly different from the previous Ethiopia’s and beta Israel’s
Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck (Raw Sasquatch) v. Jigme Dorji Wangchuck (JFD)
This one is easy, Jigme Singye Wangchuck (Raw Sasquatch) all the way. It has more of an AI focus then JFD’s mod. And in a region where we have already tried Nepal and Tibet, RAS SASQUATCH’s Bhutan has a better chance of measuring up.
Chukchi Eyhell (MayorS) v. Eyhell (Gedemo) v. Lawtilliwadllin (Senshi)
Dispite my like of Gedemo mods, EYHELL by MAYORS is my pick here. This mod is very well done, and while all of these mods can be slow to expand, MayorS’s version is certainly a strong civ
Japan some large amount
Japan is another popular region, but I’ll make everyone’s life eaiser here, just do what Homusubi says. He puts more thought into Japan in one day then I probably ever have, and I trust his judgement on the subject. HOMUSUBI’s mod TANAKA KAKUEI thus is my pick.
Yuan Kublai Khan (MayorS) v. Kublai Khan (TarcisioCM)
“In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately treasure dome decree: where alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man, down to the sunless sea.”
With Poetry hour over, I’ll say I’m a fan of the MAYORS mod here. It’s done pretty well in my AI china game.
Khmer Suryavarman (Lastsword) v. Suryavarman II (DJSHenninger) v. Jayavarman II (Sukritact)
LASTSWROD’s SURYAVARMAN is my pick here. It can spam cities with the best of them, and isn’t as culture focused as the others.
Australia Billy Hughes (Senshi) v. Henry Parkes (Colonialist Legacies) v. John Curtin (Colonialist Legacies)
Hawks is the best Australia, which leaves this as a battle for second. Curtin is a solid mod, but mght not be enough to live up to prior Australias, while Parks would be a repeat, which I’m against. So I’m recommending BILLY HUGHES by SENSHI
Philippians Jose Rizal (Colonialist Legacies) v. Aguinaldo (Cardboard) v. Ramon Magsaysay (DuskJocky)
Rizal didn’t inspire confidence in his previous showing, but both other mods look pretty good. I’m leaning towards AGUINALDO by CARDBOARD, since his UA of extra combat strength looks pretty strong, and it’s got nice colors.
AMERICA Too many
This is a big one for me. Last time, I helped stop the Fillmore movement, but apparently, it was only sleeping, and Fillmore is resurgent. We need a strong, serious, competent leader in America, and to that end I am whole heartedly endorsing JAMES K. POLK by UIGHUR_CAESER. Polk himself was a great leader, and this mod captures that spirit. It has among the best AI values, see my AI value chart here. High expansion bias and a UU canon that amazingly actually works cement POLK as the top pick for both the American primary and the region in general.
Canada MacDonald (MayorS) v. MacDonald (DJSHenninger) v. Lester Pearson (Colonialist Legacies) v. Stephen Harper (Vivala) v. Wilfrid Laurier (Legandary)
Canada is an expansive civ by nature, and all of these mods are pretty likely to expand quickly. My pick of the bunch is WILFRID LAURIER by LEGANDARY. The civ has a UA which would help it grow quickly, ands while I am skeptical of it’s replacement scout, it could be a massive advantage if it works correctly. Second place goes to Stephen Harper with is auto expanding cities and auto promoting destroyers.
Vermont Ethan Allen (RawSasquatch) v. Ethan Allen (Ocstoski)
This one isn’t close. OCSTOSKI’s ETHEN ALLEN is one of the best mods in contention. I’d probably vote for it over Canada.
Olmec Po Ngbe (LastSword) v. Tu (RyanJames) v. U Kix Chan (Leugi)
Another runaway, this time for U KIX CHAN by Leugi, the best Olmec by miles. Second is Po Ngbe, and Tu is a disappointing third
Cuba Carlos Manuel de Céspedes (Leugi) v. Fidel Castro (Colonialist Legacies) v. Fulgencio Batista (Uighur_Caeser) v. José Martí (Uighur_Caeser)
This is a tight race. I’m favoring JOSÉ MARTÍ by UIGHUR_CAESER, close second is his Batista, the Leugi’s mod.Far in last is Castro, who has a settling problem.
Panama Amador Guerrero (Technostar) v. Manuel Amador (DuskJockey)
This is another key race for me. I am endorsing AMADOR GUERRERO by TECHNOSTAR in the primary and the general. This is a Great mod, a perfect balance of gimmick (canal stuff) and excellent AI. Please make sure you vote for the Technostar version in the primary, and in the general.
Brazil Getulio Vargas (Pepperstahe) v. Lula de Silva (Uighur_Caeser) v. Pedro I (JFD)
I asked a Brazilian who to vote for and they said Lula, so I guess that’s a good reason, but in the end, I’m endorsing PEDRO I by JFD. NOTE: This is NOT the Padro you are used to, this is his Dad.
Paraguay Eusebio Ayala (MFLC) v. Gaspar Rodríguez (Leugi) v. Solano (Uighur_Caeser).
While the MFLC mod is pretty good, GASPAR RODRÍGUEZ by LEUGI is my favorite of this bunch. A heavily militaristic mod, it is likely to do well.
That's the end. Let me know in the comments if you agree, disagree or are completely apathetic towards my picks.
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RuPaul: Ladies that was another close call but I have made my descion.
Christine C Candy shantay you stay!
Roxane you will always be apart of the top 6 now sashay away!
Roxane: Girl I was too elite to win anyway
the remaining queens laugh
Roxanne Untucked CF: It is a shame to go home. I was so close to the finale but a guess having no wins didn't help. I know I am an amazing drag queen and drag race won't change that.

After The Elimination

Francis: Final 5 Guys
Christine C Candy: I know right it seems like yesterday there was 13 of us in the workroom.
Christine C Candy: Let's read Roxanne messege
Roxanne Mirror Message: 6th place with 0 wins fuck75g mint
Clay Monet: Girl that was a good lipsync.
C-$ALT: It was but it was her time to go to be honest.
Francis: I agree she had 0 wins this was her second bottom and I still think she should of been bottom 2 last week instead of C-$ALT
Clay Monet: Agreed now everyone has 2 challange wins except Christine with three
Francis: Yeah I know it is anyones game.
Miss Sue Tiger: Guys see to be honest I thought I should of won by myself I basically carried yous.
Francis CF: HAHAHAHA No Who she coming for girl she should be going home next she is so annoying.
Francis: Shut up. You got your second win be grateful about that and stop being so delusional
Miss Sue Tiger: You never deserved this win you do know that
Francis: Well the judges thought I did so that's all what matters.
C-$ALT: I really hope you don't win this week
Miss Sue Tiger: Well I probably will so.
Francis: Okay I am getting away from Ms Delusional over here.
Christine C Candy: Yeah we should get changed.


Clay Monet CF : It is the final day in the workroom before the finale and I feel great. Even to get to the finale would be amazing. If I get sent home today I won't be mad there is so many strong candidates.
Francis: Girls what would you do with the 100K
C-$ALT: I actually wanna open my own nightclub.
Francis: Omg yes that would be cool. You better let me perform in it if you do.
C-$ALT: Of course not
Francis: How dare you
C-$ALT: ahahaha I am joking.
Christine C Candy: I probably would move house.
Clay Monet: I would probably spend it on clothes to perform in.
Miss Sue Tiger: I dunno 100K is a lot of money I would probs take a holiday first.
insert crickets
Francis: What do you think the last challange will be.
Clay Monet: My bets are on a makeover
Francis: Yeah maybe
C-$ALT: I Just wanna go straight to the finale


Francis: Last time we will hear that
Christine C Candy: Makes sad face
RuPaul: Hello ladies for the last challange you will be making over the CAST OF VAMPIRE DIARIES
Miss Sue Tiger: Omg no way but this is a challange I probs won't win I am not the best at makeovers
The Queens are paired as
Francis and Damon from Vampire Diaries
C-$ALT and Stefan from Vampire Diaries
Clay Monet and Zach from Vampire Diaries
Christine C Candy and Tyler from Vampire Diaries
Miss Sue Tiger and Enzo from Vampire Daries
RuPaul: There will be no runway this week but the guest judges are Bob the drag queen, Thorgy Thor and Bianca Del Rio good luck and don't fu7k it up
Everyone makeover start to look good but Miss Sue Tiger looks to be struggling



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