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Review: Freemax Mesh Pro (Yup... Another One)

Hey look everyone! It’s yet another Freemax Mesh Pro review! Have you got the tank memorized yet? No? Well here’s another chance!
You may remember my review for the Think Vape Finder DNA250C. It was initially hard to read, I know. I did format it a bit, which made it better, but there was still the issue of way too many words and way too much off-topic uselessness. I’m going to try and do better this time, but neither writing nor editing are talents of mine, so… we’ll see…
This review is for Freemax’s Mesh Pro, which they sent to me so I could review it. You’ve probably been seeing a few too many reviews for it lately. That’s because they messaged a lot of people in the sub to review it. I got the message from one of their employees on July 6th and received the tank on July 17th.
Should I have said no, or at least been quicker to question why they'd want me, someone who, at the time, was only preparing to post their first review (yes, the Finder review was posted the same day I got the message... I'd been working on it for about work before I got the message, though)?
1) I've been wanting to get into the review game, anyways...
2) They sent me a free tank, dammit! And I’m supposed to turn that down?!? Pshh… fuck off. I’ll take the free product, thanks. But expect me to be honest about it, is all (if I hate it, I’ll say that… although I absolutely loved this, so… you know).
So I have it, and here we go…
They sent me two of them… a blue one and a green one. To be 100% honest, I was hoping for a black one, since it’d go with my Finder, but I got these for free, so… beggars can’t be choosers, and all that…
I’m not going to go through the specs on this. Y’all probably have them memorized at this point. But if not, here’s a picture of the back of the blue one’s box. And here’s an album of the Mesh Pro, including the user manual.
Let’s cut straight to my thoughts on the tank itself, and then the coils.

The Tank Itself

Even though I would have preferred the black one, there’s no denying that the blue tank is nice (I haven’t opened the green one, but I’m not as big a fan of the color of that one based on the picture on the box). I’m using the larger bubble tank because I always want more space for more e-liquid (I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a good RTA that can hold up to 30mls of e-liquid… preferably rebuildable rather than sub-ohm, but still with incredible flavor… and it doesn’t guzzle e-liquid… hear that, Steam Crave?).
I’m with Jai Haze and others on one thing, though… I understand why they put “NOT FOR SALE” on basically everything (apparently there was a UK vape reviewer who was taking his review packs and selling them on eBay or something like that?), but… god it’s ugly. On the box (and maybe the coils) was good enough. It really doesn’t need to also be etched into the glass, as well…
I'll also say this… I’m not really a fan of this whole fancy resin thing. I’m a simple guy… I like black, and if there have to be accents, I’ll take a little red. All with a stainless-steel deck and clear, see-through glass (preferably bubble-glass). And white, black, or red o-rings. That’s perfect for me. These fancy swirls just don’t take my fancy, you know? Too much going on with it, to be honest. But anyways…

The Drip Tip

The drip tip is your basic 810 drip tip, and it seems to work fine with other 810 drips tips. Sorry I can’t say more, but there really isn’t more to say about it.
It’s a drip tip.
I didn’t try it with any of the 510 adapters I have, but I imagine it could potentially work with those, as well.

The Airflow

The airflow is… huge. I honestly initially thought that I was going to make the airflow stopper a con, because it automatically keeps the airflow from opening up as much as it could. But… turns out… at least for the single coil… that’s a good thing. I’ve always preferred an airier vape (which is kinda strange because my all-time favorite tank, despite it being bottom-fill, is still the Kanger Subtank… I really want to find the Plus… anyone know of anywhere I could find it and spare coils for it or at least the RBA section?), so every RDA and RTA I’ve owned I’ve used fully open.
This thing, fully open, with the single coil, might be the max amount of airflow I can handle. It’s certainly right on that line, for sure. I definitely use and like it fully open, but I don’t know that I’d like an airflow any more open than this. Of course, each coil is going to change this…
I should say that I didn’t try closing off the airflow very much. I’m very much a creature of habit, and I have always used airflows 100% open, so I sort of go there by default.

The Machining, O-Rings, and Top Cap

The machining, especially on the threads, is really great. It comes together really well and very tight.
That’s all I got, really. I’m not gonna get down in detail about how impeccable the threads are… and I don’t care about minor scratches…
I have about as much to say about the o-rings, honestly. They’re good, they seal, they’re sturdy… and that’s it, really.
I don’t know how I feel about the e-liquid fill mechanism, though. One thing I like about top fill is being able to hold the e-liquid bottle straight up to get the last drop of e-liquid out. This… doesn’t really allow that, as you’ll be holding your bottle at an angle, because your bottle hits against the top cap itself. Also, the slide doesn’t lock. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but it could open in your pocket, causing e-liquid to leak out. If Freemax does a V2, they should either put a ball-bearing in there and thin out the cap so you can straighten the bottle more, or (and this is preferable) use the half turn removable cap (my personal favorite).

The Coils

The coils are what everyone’s interested in. Freemax has pioneered this whole sub-ohm mesh thing. My previous experience with mesh was Digiflavor’s Themis Mesh. I had some issues with it (those dry hits… the coil literally caught on fire) and gave up on mesh as a result. But now I’m trying this and… you know what? This is where mesh shines. I don’t know if mesh is worth it on a rebuildable, but in sub-ohm tanks it’s pretty damn incredible.
So what I decided to do was try each coil in order of size and wire material. I started with the Kanthal single coil, then the double coil, then the triple coil, then, last but not least, the SS316L single coil (going to that coil from the triple coil proved to be a bit of a mistake). In summary… what everyone else is saying is mostly accurate. The single coil Kanthal is pretty damn good. The flavor is really good… especially for a sub-ohm tank. And while it does drink e-liquid, it doesn’t really guzzle e-liquid as such. The triple coil is where you’re gonna get your best flavor, though. That said, the trade-off is that it guzzles e-liquid like a hiker dying of thirst in a desert. You have to decide what you’re okay with.
I used two e-liquids with this tank. First was Sub Atomic Vapor’s Nova (a blackberry blueberry dragonfruit e-liquid; only for the Kanthal single coil), and the other was Boca Vape’s SN2 (a strawberry nectarine e-liquid; for all the other coils). So… let’s talk about each coil…

Kanthal Single Coil

I found that 65 watts was perfect for me with this one. The flavor was surprising when I used it, to be honest. Since I hadn’t yet used the two or three or single SS316L, this honestly blew my mind a bit. To be fair, my last good flavor came from Smok’s TFV12 Prince, which… I mean… was great at the time, but it’s also Smok, and the coils just didn’t last (obviously). But I am coming to the Mesh Pro from the Zeus Dual, and this kanthal single coil just blows that out of the water in terms of flavor.
This was the coil I used Sub Atomic Vapor’s Nova e-liquid with, and damn is that flavor good. I doubt I’d be as impressed had I been using it in the Zeus Dual. I almost wish I had tried their Vertigo flavor in it. That was good in the Zeus Dual, but I know it would have been so much better in the Mesh Pro.
The airflow with this is indeed just about too much. Definitely not a con, but if the coil were any smaller, it’d be way too much. This is also where it was the loudest.

Kanthal Dual Coil

Okay wow. I was rocking 90 watts for this coil, and holy shit. The flavor was definitely way better than the single coil, and, for me personally, that’s impressive. I vaped Boca Vapes SN2 in this one. I have always loved SN2. It’s been my go-to e-liquid for a very long time. It was the e-liquid that helped me quit nicotine, in fact. But this was, without a doubt, the best it’s ever tasted…
This coil certainly drank e-liquid a lot more than the single coil. This is much more in-line with a guzzler for sure.
The airflow on this was a bit more restrictive and not as loud. Seemed more normal. Still near that line of being too much, but not as much as with the single coil.

Kanthal Triple Coil

I was actually hoping that other reviewers would be wrong, and this would actually be noticeably better than the dual coil flavor-wise. It certainly was “better” than the dual coil in terms of clouds… honestly, I wish this tank with this coil existed back when I tried to win $1000 at a cloud comp several years ago (maybe… late 2013? Early 2014? I didn’t make it past the first round, though). But in terms of flavor, it’s only very slightly better than the dual coil, depending on where you put your wattage.
I slowly ramped it up from 80 watts to 125 watts just out of curiosity… eventually settled on 100 watts as my sweet-spot for this one. The biggest downside is that this guzzles e-liquid. I go through e-liquid way too fast with it.
In terms of the airflow on this one, this is definitely what it was made for. It’s definitely a more “normal” draw, and I like it best with the airflow all the way open. In fact, here is where I could see myself wishing to be able to open the airflow just a tad bit more…

SS316L Single Coil

I ended up using Replay at 65 watts for this. I wanted to do straight temp control, but I guess I’m still too much of an amateur to it to get it right. I definitely need some kind of in-depth “For Dummies” walkthrough/tutorial for the most recent version of E-Scribe (yes, such things exist for E-scribe, but they’re out of date since the color chips were released and the program was updated for them). Replay was definitely made for people like me… people who want that temp control but are apparently too ignorant to figure out how to get it right.
With Replay going, this performed similarly to the kanthal single coil. So… essentially… other than the fact that this works with temp control, it’s about the same as that one. Which means I really should have tried this coil after the kanthal single coil, rather than after the triple coil… because going back to a single coil after the triple coil was kind of a disappointment, to be honest. The flavor’s still amazing, but the flavor from the dual and triple coils was so beyond that the single coils both pale in comparison.
The airflow on this, however, was exactly the same as the Kanthal single coil, seeing as they’re basically the same size. So again, like I said for that…
The airflow with this is indeed just about too much. Definitely not a con, but if the coil were any smaller, it’d be way too much. This is also where it was the loudest.
Would be fascinating to try an SS316L dual coil and triple coil for the Mesh Pro… and I wouldn’t mind seeing some Nickel and Titanium mesh coils for it, either. Hear that, Freemax? Let’s get more mesh coil options for it! And also? Maybe recommend some profile settings and/or TCRs for the DNAC chips? Just some thoughts…

Final Thoughts


-Nice e-liquid capacity
-Incredible coil performance
-Airy draw (it could almost be a con, but where it sits, it’s just at being a pro for me)
-The flavor is amazing, especially with the dual and triple coils
-Wicking is perfect
-Coils come with full specs
-No leaking (some minor condensation, but nothing note-worthy)
-Comfortable to use


-Not a fan of the push-back top
-Loud draw, especially on the single coils
-Guzzles e-liquid; triple coil is the worst on this
-I honestly don’t like this whole fancy resin movement. My preferred would be a basic black with maybe a couple small red accents, and subtle o-rings (black, red, or white)


Like I said in my last review… I’m not going to play games with ratings and all that nonsense. Fact is, I just don’t have enough to compare it to, especially as this is my first mesh sub-ohm tank, and my last experience with mesh did not turn out well at all. However, if you’re okay with the whole e-liquid-guzzling thing, and you want to try mesh, Freemax’s Mesh Pro might be your best bet. For me, at least, the hype on this one is very, very really, and very much deserved.
Anyways… that’s number two. So… some kinda sign off… um…
Vape on! … ?
Nah, too cliché…
Vape ‘em if you got ‘em. … ?
Didn’t I just knock the first one for being too cliché?
You’ve only got one life… vape it. … ?
*gag* … yeah… that’s not gonna happen…
I don’t know… I’ll figure something out… or not…
OH WAIT! I haven’t talked about the green one!
So… I don’t know… what do y’all think… should I do a giveaway? The downside is I don’t have a PayPal, but supposedly you have to pay according to the FDA?... so that’d be awkward (I have apparently been banned from PayPal since 2006… I’ve tried several times over the years to find out why, but they won’t tell me and won’t unban me; something about violating their ToS; but it’s been 12 fucking years and they won’t even tell me why or how). Does anyone know of any non-PayPal methods? Or maybe I could just limit it to people who have Chase, because they use their own QuickPay service that works great if you have Chase? No that wouldn’t be fair…
Suggestions? Keep in mind that that “NOT FOR SALE” thing is all over the green one (including being etched into the glass), as well…
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